SMC International Expansion provides a full range of services through its own outsourced global network of selected Local Service Providers, with the objective of ensuring you remain fully compliant with all local legal and tax regulations.

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Giving you the confidence to grow and operate internationally

The only international expansion partner you will ever need


The fastest, risk free way to hire global talent. SMC acts as your Employer of Record, your employee is employed by a local legal entity and is seconded to you. You then manage your employee, just as you would any other employee, knowing that all local compliance requirements are taken care of by SMC.


We will onboard your candidate quickly, providing a locally compliant employment contract and arranging any necessary benefits and insurances.

Risk Free

We act as your Employer of Record and take care of all local compliance requirements.


We manage the entire payroll process for you, ensuring your employee is paid correctly and on time.

Your Employee

You retain full management control of your employee. We are there to guide you on any local HR matters.

Human Resources

We know your employees are your greatest asset. This is why we place utmost importance on making sure that you meet all the requirements as a local employer.

Employment advice

From hiring through to ending the employment relationship.

Employment contract template

Drafted to ensure local legal requirements are met and tailored to your company’s preferences, where legally possible.

Pensions, benefits and insurances

Ensuring local legal compliance and your competitiveness in the marketplace. 


Locally compliant

We process your employees' monthly payroll in accordance with local requirements.


Your employees receive a payslip in their own local format.


Opening a local bank account

We can assist you in opening a local bank account, if required.

Management of local bank account

We will manage your local bank account in accordance with your instructions. If required, we can set up payments (salaries, expenses, etc.) for your finance team to release.

Client / Trust account

In many countries, we can provide a client account for you to wire one monthly amounts, and we make all payments to your employees, local authorities and tax offices.


Locally compliant bookkeeping

Bookkeeping in accordance with the local rules in each country.

AP and employee expenses

Processed in accordance with local requirements, including VAT / GST / Sales Tax and benefits reporting.

Management reporting

Monthly management reporting in a format of your choice. We are happy to work in your accounting system if that is your preference.


VAT / GST / Sales Tax

Monthly / quarterly VAT / GST / Sales Tax returns and payments.

Corporate income tax

Annual corporation tax returns.

Year End Compliance

Stats & Tax

We will prepare your annual local statutory financial statements and corporation tax returns.


We can advise on local audit requirements and arrange an audit if needed.


We handle all the many tasks required to setup your operations in each jurisdiction.

Company formation

Payroll and social security registrations

Corporation tax registrations

VAT / GST / Sales tax registrations

Local bank accounts

Pensions, benefits and insurances


It is never too late to move to SMC, even if you have already set up international operations, either through diverse service providers or a more corporate solution.

If you currently work with a provider who only offers a fixed menu of services, talk to us to see how we can personalise the service for you. 

When you decide to transition your existing operations to bring them all under one roof, we would manage that project for you.

We would review the current status and advise if any additional steps might be required to ensure your operations are fully compliant. 

Ad Hoc Services

In addition to the scope of ongoing services, we can also provide guidance and solutions on many other issues relating to your international operations. Typical examples include:

Hiring and terminating employees

Competitive employee benefits

Employee share schemes, RSUs and stock options

Employee policies and handbooks

Relocation and immigration

R&D schemes

Requirements for local resident directors, registered office

Payroll tax audits, social security audits and VAT audits

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